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Welcome to another stop in the blog hop to announce the StoneThread Publishing's latest speculative fiction anthology, Things You Can Create. Many of the contributors to this book (including your truly) are doing blog posts to support the anthology and its authors.

The title of my story in the anthology is “The Gas Pump.” It’s the tale of a woman who feels like her husband gave his life and energy to everyone but her, a trait that continues after his death when the gas pump where he died become a site of miracles.

I came up with the idea for this story when considering the notion of small towns wanting something, anything, to make them notable and put them on the map. I also liked the idea of creating a place that had a history of searching for the supernatural, so for them, a miraculous gas pump is not only plausible but expected.

If my story became a film, I would have Meryl Streep play the protagonist since she’s so good at being both dramatic and very funny, and Richard Gere play the husband since he embodies the quiet intensity of that character.  I think he could channel the husband’s kind of sadness.

My favorite writers are Sherman Alexie and Louise Erdrich. They blend the real and the magical in their writing, and they both have a great sense of humor. The comedy in their stories and novels is fantastic, and they both have an ability to create memorable and endearing characters.

I hope that readers will enjoy the story’s focus on small-time small-town miracles and the everyday fantastic. I also think that many people can identify with my protagonist’s sense of being shortchanged by the person she loves most, as she asks “Why are you giving so much to other people and leaving so little for me?”

Right now I am working on a novel project about a gorgon who wants to be a police officer on a K-9 force and restore the role of gorgons as protectors (not just crazy women with snakes on their heads who turn people to stone). I also have several short stories in various stages of completion from just-dreamed-up to almost-done.

To buy the anthology, go to https://www.smashwords.com/dashboard/coupons/create/273281. You can purchase it for 1/3 off the original price by entering the coupon code LL29S (not case sensitive) during checkout.

This installment of the blog hop also features Kimberly Karalius, whose blog can be found at http://kkaralius.blogspot.com/. She’s a third-year MFA student at the University of South Florida. When she was little, she used to play detective in the cemetery behind her grandparents' backyard.

On January 20th, the hop will include Dawn Knox’s blog at http://dawnknox.tumblr.com/. She has had several short stories published in horror and science fiction anthologies as well romantic stories in women’s magazines.

Also featured that day will be BE Seidl’s blog, found at http://www.beseidl.com/. She’s a bilingual fiction writer and translator, who lives in Vienna, Austria.

The final hop of the day will be to Mike Chin’s blog at http://miketchin.blogspot.com/. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland, where he is a program manager for a gifted education program and serves as content manager for The A Cappella Blog.